Friday, 7 September 2018
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Minimalism is the not so recent trend that’s been on the rise since the 1960s. Some people might refer to it as a movement, philosophy, or practice, and they aren’t wrong. The truth is definitions and explanations to the concept are endless and varied from multiple sources, but to put it simply, minimalism, as we understand it, is the act of simplifying one’s lifestyle to attain a sense of freedom from the consumerist and materialistic society we live in.


Tuesday, 14 August 2018
#Philux #Designtiptuesdays

Do you often find yourself staring at your newly designed space that you’ve been obsessing over for months and still think that something’s missing? One of the many tendencies when designing, especially to the majority of us new to home designing and decorating, is to meticulously match every furniture piece in a space, which might actually be doing you more harm than good. Some spaces need a pop of color, while others might need more than just a pop. Point is, be generous in giving your space character! Listen to your instincts and play around with different colors and textures that can refresh the look of any space.


Tuesday, 17 July 2018
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creating your dream dining room

Most people consider their dining room or dining area the focal space of their home as it evokes warmth and togetherness. It is where family, friends, and guests come together over food, endless conversations, and more often than not, endless wine.


Tuesday, 19 June 2018
Philux’s small space solutions

Design Tip Tuesdays

We live in the time of urban living where every square foot counts and so every furniture piece needs to be as functional as possible. Here are some quick, easy tips to live it large in a small space.


Thursday, 15 March 2018

Living in the tropics means experiencing an eternal summer. Apart from the annual typhoons that we experience in the Philippines, it is mostly warm and sunny the whole year round with beach trips, garden parties, and cocktails by the pool as staples. For people living in cold climate countries, this can only sound like paradise.


Thursday, 22 February 2018

It begins at home, that creative hearth- where siblings at play nurture a kinship whose roots blossom into design-

From a place and time where initial steps learnt together, in likeness or difference, eventually are taken in tandem-

Every element of the process is an intimate expression of a continuing and faceted conversation.

Each unique piece is crafted from a profound partnership entwined in sisterhood –

From the hearth, as a vital, formative centre – these designs return us to textures and materials from our kindred childhood.

Little Philux, Little Arielle

Friday, 14 April 2017
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I have just given birth while writing this!

Quite overwhelmed and a bit tired but could not be anymore inspired to write this piece as I recently welcomed my second daughter, Arielle.

Birth is such a beautiful milestone, as well as every preparation that goes with it. From readying yourself physically, mentally and emotionally; slowly making my eldest, Andrea, understand and prepare herself to become a big sister; with the essentials — clothes, crib, baby bottles, baby carriage; and putting together the nursery.

Why, of course, the nursery. The very space by which many things will transpire: the first steps, diaper changes, play time, bedtime stories, sleepless nights and the endless laughter that makes them all worth it.


Tuesday, 19 July 2016
#Philux #PhiluxHome #ShangrilaatTheFort

Philux Home officially opened its doors on June 29 with live jazz music, hors-d’oeuvres, bubbly and Philux’s 2nd generation of girl bosses and sisters Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez and Jessica Kienle Maxwell warmly welcoming everyone.


Wednesday, 15 June 2016
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Sutter Chest Coffee Table

This best selling furniture piece might just win you the favorite child title. It’s masculine, fun, and practical (doubles a storage space). Definitely a delightful surprise present!


Thursday, 9 June 2016
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A marriage of art and furniture- set in a homey chic apartment in Salcedo Village, Philux and Salcedo Auctions collaborated on an exclusive viewing of timeless pieces and rare finds by artists, artisans, and brands from all over the world that were auctioned the following week.

These collectibles were beautifully exhibited along with Philux’s Scandiniana furniture pieces- a merge of Scandiniavian and Filipino design aesthetics.

Since 2010, Salcedo Auctions has been the only auction house in the Philippines that specializes in auctioning fine art, objets d’art, collectible items, jewelery, and rare finds by artists both local and international.


Thursday, 09 June 2016
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In reverence of Filipino craftsmanship, it is Philux’s vision to collaborate with various Filipino artists who share the same passions. Pioneering this is Solenn Heussaff, actress and artist, who uses various forms of art inspired by her travels. Furniture design recently became one of her new ventures as she and Philux create limited edition furniture pieces. Solid wood mahogany, ash, and acacia, cowhides imported from Argentina which Solenn meticulously embroidered upon black iron and copper finish metal molded to perfection- Solenn x Philux is a proudly Filipino project and an homage to the centuries old art of furniture making.

Juana Chair- Philux Furniture


Thursday, 31 March 2016
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This season is all about basking in the sun, lounging in pools, savoring the island life outdoors or emulating one indoors. Revamp your space a la tropical with the latest trends from Philux. Light wood, natural mattings, vibrant fabrics- breathe new life into your furniture pieces and enjoy a summer cocktail while you’re at it!

Copen Shelf with sliding doors

This piece has all the perfect summer elements- light colored wood (Ash), Abaca matting, and a space to keep all those books you finally have time to read!


Friday, 11 March 2016
#Philux #PhiluxFurniture #SpringCleaning #PhiluxFix

The sight of idyllic interiors have most of us usually dreaming of how to transform and spruce up our home – a fresh new paint color, some elegant accessories, brand new furniture, the list goes on. What we take for granted, however, is the fact that the first step to that beautiful interior is getting organized and ridding our home of clutter.

With summer fast approaching, and so “spring cleaning” season in our midst, here are the most reliable pieces you will ever need to achieve a clutter-free home to make room for more beautiful things for your space!

Sutter Wall Shelves

California chic shelves that’s perfect for books, magazines, and may even be a great organizer for your bags and shoes!


Monday, 29 February 2016
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With all the new business models, start ups, freelancing and emerging company cultures that have changed the way people do their jobs, the work space has also evolved and has gone beyond the boundaries of a traditional office.

A lot of entrepreneurs, free lancers, artists and working mothers have realized that maintaining a home office can actually be a practical option without compromising productivity and efficiency.

And of course, a conducive work space’s most focal element is a desk, apart from other furniture, that should keep you inspired and motivated and speak about who you are and what you do:

Directoire Desk

For the more traditional, elegantly classic work space. This desk feels like an heirloom piece and may as well be one.


Wednesday, 07 February 2016
#Philux #PhiluxFurniture #GiftGuide

Scouring for the perfect presents for men is usually a bit trickier. For one, there should always be a balance between function and aesthetics as most men appreciate receiving more practical things. Their lifestyles vary too and unless they see a need for it, your gift might just end up eternally hidden in their closets, or worse, the garage.

Surely, however, any man could not resist fine quality furniture and accent pieces that would not only be great additions to their homes or pads, but that would actually last. Whether it’s your dad, husband, brother, boyfriend or your favorite guy best friend, get them to be more than grateful on any occasion.


Philux Accent Valet

Perfect for the dapper gentleman who is perpetually in a suit. Shop online for this Valet here and have it delivered as a surprise in a week’s time!


Tuesday, 09 February 2016
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I make furniture that can be used as weapons. The most dangerous piece of furniture is the Loveseat.
– Jarod Kintz, Author

Romance never goes out of style just as well as good furniture. We’ve coupled up the two this month- from our love seats, chairs and charming beds to our vanity and bench. Fall in love with these furniture pieces that evoke romance, cozying up and a whole lot of cheese. We’ve matched them with quotes that are all about furniture love too!

Mason Wingback Chair

Philux Chairs - Mason Wingback


Thursday, 28 January 2016
#PhiluxFurniture #PhiluxFix #SmallSpaceSolutions

The past decade or so has seen the flourishing of real estate in major cities in the country as developers take advantage of the influx of expatriates, young professionals and retirees clamoring for a piece of Philippine paradise.

Ironically, this has resulted to urban dwellings that are a little bit less idyllic. The age of high rise living therefore poses a challenge- how to turn a small space into a home.

The solution? Smart furniture that are big on form and function without compromising style and quality. Here are some Philux pieces that will have every urbanite living large in a small space.

Sutter Chest Coffee Table

This piece works well as a storage unit and a very stylish coffee table. You CAN have the best of both worlds with this bestseller.


Monday, 18 January 2016
#PhiluxFurniture #PhiluxFix

Another year unfolds and the first thing on your mind is probably whether you’re starting off on the right track to achieving your goals- a fitness regimen, a dream city to explore, a change in career path. Or it may be a reinvention of somewhere as close as your very own home. Design goals, perhaps?

You save all your design pegs having spent time scanning websites and posts on Pinterest and Instagram but knowing where and how to start is another story. Maybe you have an eye for that Walnut bed frame and that Ashwood night table, but not quite sure if they go together. Or maybe you’ve already made a visit to the furniture store and purchased a beautiful sectional, but have no idea what coffee table to match it with. The first step is definitely knowing where to source the perfect furniture and accent pieces.


Monday, 21 December 2015
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Spending a Saturday morning at the Eppersons will take you back to the fashionable 60s- an era that combined classic elegance with boldness and experimentation. From Twiggy’s revolutionary pixie do, dapper men and their cigars, to homemakers redefining home decor- combining prints, patterns and textures- Maison Epperson was a visual feast while maintaining an airy, homey feel. Jenni, guided by the same principle, did a lovely curation of the Philux classics (the Sutter Chest Coffee Table and Ottoman Poufs in her choice of green velvet fabric) with pieces from our latest collection, the Scandiniana. On her blog, Jenni talks about this design collaboration and how, like the 60s, everything simply and beautifully fell into place.