In Praise of Summer 2018

Living in the tropics means experiencing an eternal summer. Apart from the annual typhoons that we experience in the Philippines, it is mostly warm and

Philux X Bea Valdes

It begins at home, that creative hearth- where siblings at play nurture a kinship whose roots blossom into design- From a place and time where

Little Philux, Little Arielle

I have just given birth while writing this! Quite overwhelmed and a bit tired but could not be anymore inspired to write this piece as

Solenn X Philux

In reverence of Filipino craftsmanship, it is Philux’s vision to collaborate with various Filipino artists who share the same passions. Pioneering this is Solenn Heussaff,

Philux Goes Tropical

This season is all about basking in the sun, lounging in pools, savoring the island life outdoors or emulating one indoors. Revamp your space a

The Home Office

With all the new business models, start ups, freelancing and emerging company cultures that have changed the way people do their jobs, the work space