In our four decades of furniture making, we can certainly attest to both the pleasant as well as volatile changes not only in the industry we work in but rather, on a bigger scale, the very earth which we all share.

fsc wood

In the core of our brand is wood. As we are a large consumer of this organic material, we constantly seek measures by which we can produce timeless furniture pieces while being socially responsible and kind to the environment. And it should all come from the source.


Philux furniture pieces can come in Walnut and Ash Wood that have both been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is a group of businessmen, environmentalists, and community leaders that aim to improve forestry practices worldwide.

fsc wood

The group was formed in Bonn, Germany in 1994 with a mission that is more than just about the forests. They also fight for the rights of indigenous people and forest workers.

fsc wood

For more than 25 years, FSC has been creating a positive impact in our environment. They continue to encourage businesses and governments to support their system by showing the natural benefits of their ways.

As FSC certifications are not yet available in the Philippines, we are currently looking for ways to replace our locally sourced Mahogany wood so that we can offer all FSC-certified wood to our discerning clientele.

For more information about FSC, follow them on Instagram or visit their website. or visit their website.

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