A digital living room mood board for a client by Philux. Email [email protected] for inquiries on the pieces shown.

The dynamics of how societies work have undeniably changed so drastically over the last few months. At the heart of this novel battle is finding a safe place for people and keeping them there. Despite the tragedies this current situation has brought, there is beauty in all of it, too. Families have more time together, parents are at home with their children, an emerging community of homecooks sharing recipes all over social media, friends reconnecting virtually, people helping other people, and introspection happening so naturally. 

Now more than ever is the time to transform your space and make it your very own. As the new normal obliges us to stay home as much as possible, there emerges a need, and perhaps an inspiration, to make one’s space feel safer, more functional, and more meaningful. 

Every home is different- from how it looks and functions to how it feels. In this feature, we hope to guide you in creating a personal and meaningful space.

The Hyde coffee table and Pacific sectional by Philux


The first step is to ask yourself, how do I want my home to feel? Some are drawn to a cheerful and bright ambience. Others prefer a dramatic and modern atmosphere. The right questions to ask would be, what do I want my space to evoke? What emotions do I want to nurture in my space?

A digital romantic bedroom mood board for a client by Philux. Email [email protected] for inquiries on the pieces shown

Mood boards

Once you have answered this, the next step is to tangibly bring together the elements to create the mood you want. This is when a mood board becomes your best friend. A mood board is a collage of ideas created either physically or virtually. Most designers use this as a guide in realizing their ideas and you can definitely make one too. It helps keep you on track when faced with overwhelming choices.

A physical moodboard by Philux

The Canvass

A space is like a blank canvass that can be transformed into anything you imagine it to be. Begin with your walls and floors. What color and material would you like them to be? Also think about your window treatment and lighting as they, too, set the tone of an entire room. 

A digital home office mood board for a client by Philux. Email [email protected] for inquiries on the pieces shown.

The  Essential Pieces

A mood board is a great tool reflecting your design goals, lifestyle, aesthetic, and personality. To create one, begin with the essentials or bigger items. These are usually the furniture pieces you want in a space. 

A great tip is to make sure you know the measurements of your space so it will be easy for you to shop for the right furniture. You will be able to narrow down your choices based on what will work size-wise. Always try to go back to your moodboard when you get confused by too many options. 

Presently, a lot may be transforming a room or a corner into a home office. The key is to make it functional yet inspiring.

A physical moodboard by Philux

Final Touches

Finally, add those little touches that make a big difference- a throw pillow here, an artwork there, a statement lamp, an heirloom vase. If you collect books, make sure there is a beautiful shelf for them or if you love teacups, a nice cupboard. This is the phase where you can inject a lot of your personality and the things that tell your story. 

Now you can start executing and realizing the personal space of your dreams!

Our Philux Spaces team

Philux Spaces

Should you need professional creative assistance, we, at Philux, would be happy to guide you in designing your dream space. 

Born out of the growing creative needs of our clientele, Philux Spaces is our design arm whose vision is to execute ideas and create inspiring spaces that evoke both a sense of home and reverie. 

We are guided by our vision of telling the Filipino story through living spaces, inspiring a mindful way of life, and nurturing a profound love for pieces produced by Filipino hands. 

We believe that creating a space is a collaborative and personal experience. With this in mind, we offer concierge service through our team of design professionals who will inspiringly execute your design dreams. 

Email [email protected] for inquiries and we will get back to you the soonest possible!