It begins at home, that creative hearth- where siblings at play nurture a kinship whose roots blossom into design-

From a place and time where initial steps learnt together, in likeness or difference, eventually are taken in tandem-

Every element of the process is an intimate expression of a continuing and faceted conversation.

Each unique piece is crafted from a profound partnership entwined in sisterhood –

From the hearth, as a vital, formative centre – these designs return us to textures and materials from our kindred childhood.

From the echoes of the workshop floor, to the focused light from a jeweler’s nook- we were raised in the rooms of our inherited craft- following the footsteps of the generation that forged a path before us.

Two tales of craftsmanship intertwine in this design collaboration by Philux and Bea Valdes. Behind these brands are the Kienle and Valdes sisters who come from generations of families in the furniture and fine jewelry businesses, respectively.

PHILUX has been manufacturing and retailing high quality furniture pieces for over three decades. Through traditional furniture making techniques using dowels, wood glue, and clamps, and with a distinct sense of aesthetics, Philux produces furniture pieces that can be passed on and treasured from generation to generation.

BEAVALDES is internationally renowned for their intricately beautiful handmade bags and accessories. Their coveted pieces continue to receive global recognition and have been featured in publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, CNN and Newsweek. Their vision has always been to bring distinctive Filipino craftsmanship to a global audience.

Bea Valdes and Philux have come together to create masterful pieces that convey Filipino craftsmanship and artistry at its finest.

Both brands are proudly homegrown and employ an all Filipino team of craftsmen including carpenters, upholsterers, sewers, and beaders. Their workshops are where everything comes alive- from talismans, tassels, embroideries, wood, fabrics, and metals to sawdusts, beads, threads, and needles. The sketches and prototypes, the beadwork, sanding, welding, finishing. Every minute detail and every meticulous process makes the design.

With Philux’s signature furniture styles in combination with Valdes’ artistic hand work, emerges a tribute to the contemporary Filipino home, a playful perspective on local luxury.

The pieces will be exhibited for three weeks beginning January 26, 2018 at Philux Home, Shangri- La at The Fort.