Joey de Castro’s interest in pottery began in 2003 while searching for ways to showcase his collection of cacti and succulents. A photographer by profession, de Castro sought to extend his visual style and artistic expression through the creation of hand-crafted vases to house his plants.

He eventually found his calling in what was once a hobby, prompting him to put up his own kiln and workshop. His passion for the craft led him to progress in form and concept with his range evolving from functional (platters, serving bowls and vessels) to decorative (sculpture).

With his works garnering acclaim, he found himself amidst distinguished Filipino and Southeast Asian potters who urged him to exhibit his works alongside theirs locally and abroad. He has since then been an active member and educator in the local pottery community.

Joey de Castro’s special holiday collection with Philux is a testament to his unmatched mastery of the kiln. He used pottery techniques that produce imperfect shapes of the wabi-sabi aesthetic and in earth tones, making them remarkable art pieces.

Joey’s collection is exhibited at Philux Home, Shangri-La at the Fort along with other ceramic and stonecast pieces made by local artisans as well.

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