Bedroom Furniture

Wake up to a beautiful bedroom every morning with our luxurious, serene selection of modern bedroom furniture at Philux. Designed to turn your space into a sanctuary and a personal retreat from the hustle and bustle, our opulent ensemble ranges from inviting beds to practical storage pieces.

From sophisticated 4-poster bed frames to stunningly finished armoires, we have all the essential pieces of the puzzle to complete a breathtaking space. Every piece is designed and created by skilled artisans with a keen understanding of aesthetics, as well as an understanding that beauty is in the details.

Our Philippine furniture for bedrooms can also be customized in the finish of your choice.
If you enjoy the finer things in life, especially when it comes to bedroom design, choose Philux.

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54 x 42 x 60 Hcm

BAY Armoire

110.5 X 57 X 184 Hcm