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Philux, Inc. doesn’t only focus on selling an extensive range of furniture at reasonable prices; we also provide quality after sales services, including furniture refurbishing, furniture rental, interior design consultation, and wedding and gift registry. We have what you need to design and improve your home or office. Find out how we can help you.

Wood Furniture Manufacturing and Refurbishing

Our furniture line includes:

  • Philux Contemporary – We offer a great selection of Philux’s latest designs that suit the modern lifestyle of Filipinos. Our creations include solid wood and veneers, but we also deliver high quality upholstery and metalwork.
  • Philux Tradition – We have an extensive line of timeless pieces that feature classic Philux designs, which represent the rich Filipino culture, tradition, and lifestyle.
  • Philux Basics – We have a collection of affordable and functional pieces made of solid wood and veneers. Our basic line meets the requirements of today’s condo living.

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of home furniture in the Philippines, Philux is committed to establishing long-term relationships with clients. We offer excellent after sales services to meet your needs and resolve your concerns. If you need additional information or assistance on anything related to the furniture you bought from one of our showrooms, give us a call. A representative will be in touch with you shortly.

We’ll also be delighted to refurbish your Philux pieces – just let us know and we’ll schedule a service immediately.



Philux, Inc. focuses on meeting the specific requirements of every client. We design and manufacture custom furniture for use in different industries, such as tourism, entertainment, and leisure. It’s the quality of our products and services that made us the premier choice for a diverse range of commercial customers in the Philippines, including design firms, purchasing companies, and hotel chains.

Whether you need a few units or dozens of them, Philux, Inc. would be happy to provide quality interior solutions for your property. We are more than willing to be part of your project, from concept and execution to delivery and installation of furniture pieces.

Flexible Solutions to Your Furnishing Needs

It doesn’t matter if you’re building or renovating a property; Philux, Inc. will supply all the furniture types, designs, and sizes you need. We have been manufacturing and selling custom made furniture for over 30 years. We have built an ever-growing customer base, which includes Manila’s most prestigious hotels, real estate developers, restaurants, embassies, and homeowners.

Do you need custom designed furniture that will fit your space perfectly? Call us today to discuss the details. We’ll start working once we finalize everything.



Philux offers services on furniture selection as well as space planning through our resident designers. We’ll assist you in creating the living or working environment you want. Talk to us if you need help choosing the right pieces for your space. We’ll provide friendly advice and guide you through the decision making process. Custom furniture design is also one of our areas of expertise.

Designing your home or office interior is easier with an experienced professional by your side. Philux, Inc. offers interior design consultation services to help you find the right setup in your property. From arranging furniture pieces to matching different design elements, our resident designers would be happy to take part in your project. Tell us about your requirements and preferences, so we can align our goals with yours.

Design your space the Philux way. Please email for inquiries on design packages or to book an appointment with our designers.



Renting furniture sets is ideal if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to your interior or exterior design needs. It’s a good alternative to buying, and you don’t have to deal with maintenance costs. Just pay the rental rate and you’re free to use the items for the entire duration of the contract.

Philux accepts short to long-term furniture rentals within Metro Manila. You can rent our locally made products for a week, a month, or for as long as you want. Just tell us how long and we’ll prepare the necessary documents, so you can have the furniture you need for your space in no time.

Trust Philux, Inc. for your home or business furniture rental needs. For inquiries, please email



Philux has been part of many celebrations in Filipino homes for 30 years and counting. Through our Wedding & Gift Registry, planning your personalized gift registry has never been this simple, convenient and love-filled!

A wedding and gift registry helps couples decide on the gifts they want to receive on their wedding. It gives the guests an idea about the couple’s preferences, allowing them to buy only the items listed on the registry. A tour on our website or around our showroom is all you need to find perfect gift ideas for your special day.

Our finely crafted furniture pieces make for unique wedding gifts. Include any of the items featured on our site in your registry. Our original creations are sure to give your home an elegant look and feel.

Philux, Inc. has something unique and special for you and your home. Do you want to learn more about our furniture items? Send your inquiries to today.