A marriage of art and furniture- set in a homey chic apartment in Salcedo Village, Philux and Salcedo Auctions collaborated on an exclusive viewing of timeless pieces and rare finds by artists, artisans, and brands from all over the world that were auctioned the following week.

These collectibles were beautifully exhibited along with Philux’s Scandiniana furniture pieces- a merge of Scandiniavian and Filipino design aesthetics.

Since 2010, Salcedo Auctions has been the only auction house in the Philippines that specializes in auctioning fine art, objets d’art, collectible items, jewelery, and rare finds by artists both local and international.


The living room made vibrant by artworks, the Stockholm chairs in Ash wood, Stockholm side tables in Walnut, and the Copen shelf with sliding doors.

75 piece Bernardaud Limoges dinnerware on the Embla Dining Set in Ash wood.

The Philux women: Head Designer Jessica Kienle Maxwell, Philux President Zelda Kienle, and VP Sales and Business Development Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez

A feast of Filipino craftsmanship. BenCab’s Cigarette Factory Worker hanging above the Copen console and Skara chair in Ash wood; Untitled mural by Cesar Legaspi, Justin Nuyda, H.R. Ocampo, Jose Joya, Galo Ocampo and Solomon Saprid’; and the The Copen shelf with pull down door and De Hoop chair in Ash wood.

Art deco coffee set and Pablo Picasso’s Taureau Gravé on the Embla buffet in Acacia wood with Abaca matting

Scenes from the kitchen: Stockton bar stools in Gmelina Antique Beige

Doris Magsaysay Ho, Christian Gonzalez, and Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez

Jessica Kienle Maxwell, Salcedo Auction’s Karen Lerma, Franco Laurel, Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez, and Salcedo Auction’s Richie Lerma

The Copen desk and Vos chair in Acacia, An antique arimillary sphere, and a Fernando Zobel painting

The 4-poster Oslo Bed, Oslo night tables, and Valencia bench all in Acacia, and the Mason wing back chair in Gmelina Duco Black with Federico Aguilar Alcuaz paintings