the Scandiniana Collection

Scandinavia and Filipiniana. Two words, two cultures intertwined in the creation of this collection.

The Scandinavian design philosophy originated in 1950’s Northern Europe, which saw a movement that bespoke simplicity, minimalism, and functionality in design. These progressively minimalist designs required much in-depth research and development, and demanded the work of highly skilled craftsmen that focus on the core, but very delicate, essentials of a design piece: form and function.

Combine this with Filipiniana, the heart and soul of Filipino art, history and literature, together with the natural materials and local craftsmanship techniques of the Philippines.

Philux takes pride in being a Filipino manufacturing and retail company. We are proud how the company’s heritage and access to native natural resources can bring to life the most remarkable of designs.

With this collection, Philux aims to deliver the full spirit of the Scandinavian philosophy combined with Filipino passion. The results: functional and minimalist designs, which preserve and emphasize the natural beauty of the material Philux has honored and mastered for over 40 years.


Marquis Stool | Pre-Order
Stockholm Bar Stool Low | Pre-Order
Stockholm Bar Stool High | Pre-Order
Valencia Bench | Pre-Order
Stockholm Bed
Stockholm Upholstered Bed
Embla Dining Chair | Pre-Order
Embla Abaca Dining Chair | Pre-Order
Copen Desk
Oslo Nightstand
Copen Console Table | Pre-Order
Stockholm Side Tables | Pre-Order


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