Our Sustainability Journey

As we continue to source from nature and be inspired by its beauty, we remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainability by producing and consuming responsibly.

We are consistently studying how to reduce our environmental impact with more conscious engineering, ethical sourcing of raw materials, and upcycling, as well as working to execute best practices. Over time, we have made strides, but there is still much more to be done to drive positive action for our planet.


Now more than ever, we have the responsibility to align manufacturing and conservation. Therefore, a large part of our research, design and development process is the study of raw materials - what they are, where they come from, and how they impact the environment.

To minimize our impact, we make a conscious effort to utilize sustainably-sourced wood, by virtue of certification by non-profit organizations that ensure wood derives from responsibly-managed forests around the world. We currently offer Ash and Walnut woods that are certified to be sustainably-sourced, and will eventually be phasing out non-certified wood in an effort to offer only the most sustainable options to our clientele.


To minimize our waste, we implement the upcycling of raw materials in more ways than one, and are actively searching for ways to expand this practice, and studying circular models as we hope to be able to reintegrate some of our waste in our production flow.

Wood cut-offs are a natural part of the manufacturing process, and are used to craft our Wooden Slabs with Resin and Gold Leaf Accents, which showcase the raw textures and grains of wood, and have become a client-favorite for styling living and dining spaces. Wood cut-offs are also used for more practical purposes, to create desk accessories and other objects for use in our headquarters.

Wood shavings are a beautiful by-product of the meticulous craftsmanship behind our furniture pieces, and are used to fill the planters and pots that are on display in our showrooms.

To reduce our plastic packaging consumption, we switched from bubble wrap to Polyethylene (PE) foam, which is easily reusable and achieves a significant reduction in material required to pack each piece. We believe a collaborative approach is important, thus, most of the retrieved PE foam is then sent over to Green Antz Builders, an innovative social enterprise that turns recycled plastic into eco-bricks used to build schools, homes, and other infrastructures. In the spirit of collaboration, we have begun to encourage our clients to return packaging materials in the hopes that they can be our partners in our endeavour to apply greener business practices.

To reduce our paper consumption, we have gone digital in as many aspects of the business as we possibly could - from catalogs and marketing materials, to quotations and sales orders, to even internal documents - only opting for printouts when absolutely necessary.


To ensure the longevity of our pieces, allowing our clientele to pass them on from generation to generation and therefore minimizing the need for constant consumption of goods, we do our utmost to design and produce furniture and accessories that are of the highest quality at the best possible value. In addition, we offer lifetime refurbishment services exclusively for Philux pieces, including wood refinishing, reupholstery, and repairs.

Responsible Business

We believe that our commitment to sustainability should not be limited to driving positive action for the environment, but also championing our people and practice. In our pursuit of creating conscious luxury, crafted locally, we employ a local workforce and work to preserve the traditions and skills of Filipino craftsmanship. Furthermore, in selecting retail partners, we opt to predominantly work with those who share in our mission to promote Filipino design and craft.


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